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I’m a UX & Visual Designer. With a background in photography and ethnographic research. Passionate about the potential of emerging technologies and creating meaningful brand experiences. With a belief that great design should be accessible, engaging and delightful.

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Seattle Animal Shelter

For the Love of Animals

Disciplines:  Brand Identity & Visual Design

Inspired by people’s bond with animals, we re-branded the Seattle Animal Shelter to better reflect the multitude of services they provide for the community and their pets.

Seattle Animal Shelter Case Study ︎︎︎

Next-Gen Magazine

Life (sorta) explained

Disciplines:   Brand Identity, Print Production, UI & Visual Design

Providing an interactive magazine experience in both print and mobile geared towards curious tweens, with a focus on progressive content and self-reflection.

Next-Gen Magazine Case Study ︎︎︎

Salus Microchip

The Future Quality of Life

Disciplines: UX Research & Design

Creating an approachable experience for a subdermal microchip. Partnered with Harborview Medial, early adapters would include people with diabetes, who are more familiar with healthcare technology. A device that has the potential to save lives by minimizing misdiagnosis, while continually monitoring your health to increase your quality of life.

Salus Case Study ︎︎︎

Rooster Bloody Mary

Savory Like Your Attitude

Disciplines:  Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Targeting alt-millennials with the satire of the world’s existential dread in a canned Bloody Mary cocktail.

Rooster Case Study ︎︎︎