Discovery & Process

After visiting the shelter in person and conducting qualitative interviews of the staff and volunteers, we discovered that the Seattle Animal Shelter has been misrepresented as a kill shelter and the staff was proud of the fact that they are able to rely on such a great support network of volunteers to provide shelter for every incoming animal. “It is our job to give shelter to any animal found in the King County area, even if a horse was found we would have to find a way to keep the horse safe and healthy.” according to the head coordinator Steph Renaud.

After whiteboarding our findings we landed on three key words to identify the shelter’s tone: safe, approachable and honest. Safe, because their priority is to keep both people and animals out of harm’s way. Approachable, because they want the community to be involved so they may find the best home possible for their animals. Honest, because the idea of adopting a “mutt” or an older pet means there is nothing to hide and the shelter is there to encourage that all animals deserve to be loved.