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Hello! I’m a Visual Designer, photographer, ex-bartender, & traveler.

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Elise Stukenberg’s Portfolio

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Branding & Logos
Seattle Animal Shelter
Clean Air Coalition
Lovers Afterglow Rewards
Families & Criminal Justice

Print & Packaging
Magazine Layouts
Lovers Billboards
Lovers Floorset

Digital Ads


Families & Criminal Justice

Disciplines: Brand Identity & Logo Design

Illustrator & InDesign

3 months

Final logo design

Families and Criminal Justice is a non-profit that supports incarcerated mothers and their children. They felt their old brand was not an accurate reflection of their work and they also were in need of a logo. Due to the nature of the organization we kept the assets at minimum so they would not be overwhelmed. Another piece was keeping assets cost effective and sticking to a minimal use of color when needed for print. Lastly, they wanted to use their original font.

Logo selection process

Branded assets: icons, business cards, favicons, letterhead & email design.

Brand Guide