Thank you for visiting. Let me tell you a little about my background and how I fell into design. 

Growing up surrounded by artists I always wanted to do something “different.” With a BA in Global Studies, I was able to conduct ethnographic profiles in over five countries. I have also worked in  visual media via photo and video production and have over a decade of experience in customer service.

I value authentic brand experiences, qualitative research and delightful nuances that make a design work. I am beyond comfortable in a majority of Adobe Suite programs, prototyping tools, production design along with creative thinking and content strategy. Most importantly I love being a team player, asking questions and rising to a good challenge.

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Current ︎ design tools & resources: Miro, Product Hunt and Glide

When I’m not designing...

Photography is a medium I developed at a young age, when a friend loaned me their Canon AE-1. I immediately fell in love with the process of black and white film. Discovering how light and showdows interact developed into a deeper obsession when I learned documentation. Paired with my research projects, where I primarily focused on human rights in India and Moldova, I found the power of visual ethnography. Currently I focus more on portraiture, creative writing, video production and editing.

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Elise Stukenberg