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Hello! I’m a Visual Designer, photographer, ex-bartender, & traveler.

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Elise Stukenberg’s Portfolio

Welcome to my design archive!
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Branding & Logos
Seattle Animal Shelter
Clean Air Coalition
Lovers Afterglow Rewards
Families & Criminal Justice

Print & Packaging
Magazine Layouts
Lovers Billboards
Lovers Floorset

Digital Ads


Lovers Afterglow Rewards

Disciplines: Brand Identity & UX Design

Illustrator, Yotpo, Klaviyo & Shopify

5 months

Lovers Homepage

Prior to this launch, Lovers loyalty program was only available in-stores, which generated nearly 60% of their revenue. A small team including myself were tasked with launching the loyalty program, Lovers Afterglow Rewards, online via Yotpo.

My responsibilities included finishing the new brand identity of the program on all visual executions and designing the user experience for program launch for current loyalty members. On a product level I was tasked with designing the landing page, all email flows and campaigns.
Icon design: 1. Referrals, 2. Account Creation, 3. Reviews

Landing page on desktop

Landing page on mobile

Digital Ads

Email Flows & campaigns
  • Welcome for existing members
  • Welcome post registration
  • Referral share
  • Referral thank you
  • Redemption reminder
  • Points reminder
  • Account reminder
  • Review incentive
  • Lovers Afterglow Sale

Measuring Succes
  • 10x increase in reviews daily
  • 3x increase in returning customers
  • Boost in on-site and in-store AOV
  • Boost in email conversion and revenue
  • Customer ease to redeem and use points online and in-stores