Elise Stukenberg’s Portfolio

Hello! I’m a Visual Designer, photographer, ex-bartender, & traveler.

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Elise Stukenberg’s Portfolio

Welcome to my design archive!
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Branding & Logos
Seattle Animal Shelter
Clean Air Coalition
Lovers Afterglow Rewards
Families & Criminal Justice

Print & Packaging
Magazine Layouts
Lovers Billboards
Lovers Floorset

Digital Ads


Lovers Billboards

Disciplines: Content Strategy, Layout & Photo Retouching

Illustrator & Photoshop

2 week sprints

Collaborators: Brittany Weeks (primary on production & typography)

I worked on Lovers billboards for their Valentine’s Day 2022 campaign alongside Brittany Weeks who executed on the production side for over 40 locations on the west coast along with in Texas and in Tennessee. I assisted in layout design, color selection via Arthur & Passini method for accessible wayfinding and photo-retouching for the model.