Customer Journey Map

User: Juaquin, 12 years old, he/him lives in Queens, New York. Currently buys tween magazines at his bodega. He likes playing video games, taking quizzes, playing dress-up and reading. Growing up in a residential area of Queens, Juaquin is no stranger to the big city lifestyle. His single mother raised him and works three jobs to keep a roof over their head. Juaquin doesn’t do a lot of activities outside of school, because he normally stays home alone or with relatives while his mom is at work, thus he has a lot of downtime to himself. He loves RuPaul’s Drag Race and dressing up along with playing video games with friends online.

Scenario: Juaquin is browsing the internet and isn’t able to leave his family apartment because no one is currently home. However, if he could leave the apartment, he would go to his local bodega on the corner and find a magazine to indulge.