• The technology itself will be powered by the user's body heat.

  • Retain valuable information, in this case EHRs along with other information including emergency forms and vital readings.

  • Monitor a user’s health including all necessary vital signs (blood pressure, body temperature, pulse and respiration rate). Along with other vital signs including blood oxygen and glucose levels.

  • For safety, this device is encrypted with a unique serial identification number that is used only for the functions assigned by the user. Operating as IoT so information can be sent remotely with the consent of the user. If given permission the device can be scanned by phone or a scanner (only used by medical professionals). However, it must be within six inches of the device in order to be read.

  • The device is paired with the Salus app to give users, including medical providers a seamless experience with total control to view their data, EHRs, update their emergency records and privacy settings.

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  • This is not a biochip; it will not attempt to “solve” an anomaly inside a user.

  • Does not track your movement, no GPS integration.
    (a potential opt-in for future users)

  • Detecting a fetus’s vital signs when a user is pregnant.

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