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Seattle Animal Shelter

Disciplines: Brand Identity & Content Strategy

InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop

Emily McCafferty

10 weeks at SCCA

“For the love of animals” is the core tagline for the Seattle Animal Shelter rebrand.

Inspired by people’s bond with animals, we re-branded the Seattle Animal Shelter to better reflect the multitude of services they provide for the community and their pets.

Logo redesign

Why the Seattle Animal Shelter?

For nearly fifty years the Seattle Animal Shelter has been responsible for animal control and finding a home for every abandoned or abused pet. On top of this they provide a slew of important services concerning pet care, including licensing and a spay/neuter clinic.

The current branding of the shelter is green and blue, which creates a cold tone and an overall disconnect to what the organization stands for. We were faced with the challenge of recreating an authentic brand that reflected the unconditional care and connection that motivates people to adopt a pet.

Visiting the shelter for discovery.

Discovery & Process

After visiting the shelter in person and conducting qualitative interviews of the staff and volunteers, we discovered that the Seattle Animal Shelter has been misrepresented as a kill shelter and the staff was proud of the fact that they are able to rely on such a great support network of volunteers to provide shelter for every incoming animal. “It is our job to give shelter to any animal found in the King County area, even if a horse was found we would have to find a way to keep the horse safe and healthy.” according to the head coordinator Steph Renaud.

After whiteboarding our findings we landed on three key words to identify the shelter’s tone: safe, approachable and honest.
  • Safe, because their priority is to keep both people and animals out of harm’s way.
  • Approachable, because they want the community to be involved so they may find the best home possible for their animals.
  • Honest, because the idea of adopting a “mutt” or an older pet means there is nothing to hide and the shelter is there to encourage that all animals deserve to be loved.
Building a Visual Identity

We began to dive into defining our audience, landing on the driving piece of our branding, our tagline, for the love of animals. This sense of warmth and togetherness was translated into our color palette with a deep pantone orange and corresponding rich yellow along with an accented complimentary light blue to provide contrast and highlight the shelter as a municipality.

The animals themselves played a large role in creating our visual identity, by abstracting animal skin and fur patterns. We continued this inspiration through a playful san-serif typeface, Faro Display Lucky, that reminded us of cat and dog tails and matched this with Haboro, which also had a more subtle nod to the same animal qualities, while providing clear legibility.
Logo Design

With two tails coming together to form a heart to show how animals and people care for one another. The use of the heart is purposeful when creating a welcoming sense of space and legibility.


Content Strategy / Ad Concept
Animal illustrations, inspired by Eric Carle
Donor envelopes & letter head

Family new pet care sheet

Rescue dog coats

Pet carrier

Adoption folder & form

Landing page concept

Measuring Success

The idea behind this brand is simple, for the love of animals, the Seattle Animal Shelter keeps the residents and pets of Seattle out of harm’s way. We have measured the success of this re-brand by bringing play, warmth and community.

Brand Guide